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Upcoming Shows

9.17 Bodeguita BK with Charlie Sigler Trio

10.19 Bodeguita BK

Aaron Seeber Quintet ft. Warren Wolf, Tim Green,

Sullivan Fortner, and Ugonna Okegwo

-Free to the Public 

*Sponsored by City Artist Corps Grant*

-Every Friday night at The Whitby

with Sam Taylor and Neal Miner 

More coming soon...



Selected Past Concert Performances

7.31: At Mezzrow with

Pete Malinverni and Ugonna Okegwo 

8.10 The Cutting Room with

Anais Reno and the Pete Malinverni Trio

8.13 with Bruce Harris Quintet ft Samara Joy

in Westerly, RI

8.15 at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar with

David Budway Trio ft Vincent Curatola

      (Johnny Sack from the Soparonos)

8.19 The Django

The Jeremy Manasia Trio with Ugonna Okegwo

8.20 The Django

With Elijah Balbed, Jeb Patton and David Wong

8.21 The Django with

Pete Malinverni and Ugonna Okegwo

8.26 The Cellar Dog with Greg Glassman Quintet

8.27 Smalls with The Philip Harper Quintet

9.04 The Django with Saul Rubin Quartet


November 10th

Aaron Seeber Quintet 

Smalls Jazz Club

December 6 and 7

Pete Malinverni Quintet ft. Rich Perry 

Bruce Harris and Ugonna Okegwo

Smalls Jazz Club

September 5-7

Bruce Harris Quintet

Dizzys Club 
Jazz At Lincoln Center

August 9th and 10th

Eric Reed Quartet 

Smoke Jazz Club

July 21, 2019

Aaron Seeber Quintet ft. Steve Nelson

Smalls Jazz Club

June 27, 2019

Pete Malinverni Trio

Birdland Jazz Club 

June 2nd

Bruce Harris Quintet with Grant Stewart

Smalls Jazz Club 

June 1, 2019

Paul Carr Sextet ft. Jeremy Pelt

Caton Castle

May 31, 2019

Eric Reed Quartet ft. Jeremy Pelt and Judith Lorick

Swarthmore College

May 11th 2019

Sam Taylor Quartet

West Harlem Jazz Festival

April 16-20 2019

Bruce Harris Quintet 

Dizzy's Club Coca Cola (Jazz At Lincoln Center)

March 30th 2019

Cyrille Aimee Quintet

Purchase Performing Arts Center

March 13-16 2019

Pete Malinverni Trio

Birdland Jazz Club

November 17 2018

Record Date with Vito Dieterle, Ben Paterson

and Kris Kaiser 

April 18, 2018

New York Voices in New Orleans

December 16-17

Pete Malinverni Quartet ft. Joe Magnarelli

Smalls Jazz Club

March 11-12

Chuck Redd Group Tribute to Charlie Byrd

Amp by Strathmore - Maryland 


September 8-12

Warren Wolf Trio at Marians Jazz Room

Bern Switzerland